Higher Vibe Life

Who are our Members?

We are the people, businesses, organizations, and groups that understand that we have to work together in cooperation and synergy to address the current and future challenges in our community and in our world.

What We’re Facing

Multinational corporations, such as BP, Wells Fargo, and Monsanto, with tens of thousands of employees and billions of dollars in assets, are out-organizing, and out-influencing the greater population to drive the policies and decisions of our society in ways that are creating catastrophic short and long-term consequences. Our current water and food supplies are already being threatened, and if those in power do not begin to manage our global resources responsibly, even more dire consequences are on the horizon.

Our Solution

Build a Membership organization and technology platform that is big enough and organized enough to leverage our collective resources to drive the decisions and policies of the corporations and the government towards sustaining life as we know it on the planet.

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Individuals who are taking responsibility for creating the world we want to live in.

We understand that we all have to pitch in to build something large enough and organized enough to become more powerful and influential than the multi-national corporations that have abused our public trust, such as BP, Wells Fargo, and Monsanto, that are currently driving the policies and priorities of our government and of our society.

We are all contributing a modest amount towards an effort that collectively can support the production of technology platforms, videos, websites, apps, events, and other production and organizational investments required to build and organize the extensive Global Activation Network necessary to effectively address the urgent issues threatening the health and wellbeing of our community and our society right now.


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Individuals who want to support those of us creating the world we want to live in.

It’s very important that everyone who resonates with the idea of creating a Global Action Network to address our community and societal challenges at least sign up as a Supporter to help us build our Membership numbers as quickly as possible because of the urgency of the issues we’re organizing and activating around, such Standing Rock, Sabal Trail, immigration, health care, etc.

Every person that signs up as a Supporter makes a difference in our ability to:
– acquire business and sponsor support
– attract media attention
– grow the bandwagon effect to attract more Members
– secure high-capacity venues
– generate a snowball effect that brings more resources that helps us grow exponentially


Multiple levels
of support

In order to create a high vibration society, we need to create a positive feedback loop between the people who want to create a higher vibration society, and the businesses that are holding higher vibrations in the products and services they provide, as well as through the roles that they play within our community and our world.

We can help accelerate the drive towards a higher vibration society by identifying and supporting the businesses that are interacting in socially responsible ways with the community and the environment.

The Higher Vibe Life Business Memberships provide an opportunity for the businesses in our community to demonstrate their willingness to raise their voices and leverage their influence within the community to help guide our society towards a higher vibration future.