Membership: Supporters


Higher Vibe Life Creators are those of us that understand…

That in order to:

– manifest a higher vibration society, filled with love, compassion, and gratitude
– address the current and future challenges in our community and in our world
– influence the politics and policies of our government
– protect the health and well-being of current and future generations

We have to:

– pitch in to a collective effort
– work together in cooperation and synergy
– develop scalable technological systems and organizational structures
– create sufficient financial and human resource pools to build and expand our organization
– organize and manage coordinated collective actions

Why your Membership is Critical

Our government officials are making daily decisions to support multi-national corporations at the expense of our health and wellbeing.

Just a few of the critical issues that impact millions of people:

– Standing Rock
– Sabal Trail
– loss of health insurance
– deportations
– sea level rising
– bees on the endangered species list for the first time
– underground storage of radioactive waste in Miami

We need to organize in massive numbers. We can only do this together.

If you want to live in a higher vibration society, and keep our planet habitable, then join us.

Where Your Membership Dues Go

  • Network Building / Technology Development
    We’re utilizing existing technologies, along with new website systems we’re programming, to allow you to effectively organize and synergize with others around the issues that are most important to you.
  • Media Production
    We’re producing media and marketing materials, such as this website, promotional videos, photo and video coverage of events, etc. to generate awareness, attract members, organize around issues, and inspire collective actions that create results.
  • Membership / Sponsor Development
    We’re expanding our individual, business, and sponsor support as rapidly as possible to effectively address our urgent societal issues as quickly as possible.
  • Community Outreach
    We’re creating strategic partnerships with established organizations and events to leverage existing infrastructure and opportunities.
  • Organizational Capacity Building
    We’re organizing and managing the human resources needed to keep expanding the scope of our efforts and impact of our actions.

Primary Membership Benefit

As you can see from every word, picture, and video on this website, Higher Vibe Life will keep holding the energy for a higher vibration society, based on love, gratitude, and compassion.

We will keep asking the people who resonate with this and want to create it with us to join us. Our Membership will grow with the people that respond to this call.

As our membership numbers and financial support grows, we will be able to produce more sophisticated technologies, develop more compelling videos, hire more and more dedicated people, attract more corporate support, garner more media attention, and more rapidly manifest the world we all want to life in.

If you join our effort to create our collective results, then the biggest benefit we can offer you is your self-satisfaction in knowing that you’re taking the actions necessary to create the world you want to live in now. 

Imagine a grandchild asking you 30 years from now, “When everything was shifting in 2017, and the future was teetering in the balance, what did you do?”

Now is the time for us to create the legacy of our lives.  Join us.

Secondary Membership Benefits

The following benefits are meant to help us be more organized and effective with our collective efforts.

The following benefits are not meant to be “perks” to justify your Membership investment.

Please only become a Supporter Member if you want to see what we are working on get built, and you want to help build it.

– Receipt of email newsletter
– Editable Supporter Profile on
– Listed in online searchable directory on Members page
– Displayed on online community map on Members page

Are you with us?

Importance of Your Membership

– Strength in numbers
– Gives people encouragement that they are not alone
– Reassures people that there is hope
– Increases our ability to take collective actions
– Magnifies the impact of our collective actions
– Brings more skill sets to the table across our membership base
– Helps attract higher-level volunteers, team-leaders, executives
– More attractive to sponsors and corporate support
– More attention from the media and social influencers
– Becomes a model to be replicated in other locations

* NOTE – All Membership rates and benefits are introductory, and may change with a minimum of 30 days notice via email; Memberships may be canceled by you or by Higher Vibe Life at any time, without any future obligation or penalty.